petek, 06. april 2018

Wool Felt Hearts for Wedding Decoration

Spring is here... finally...

Here are some of the Heart Ornaments I created this year for Weddings and Valentine's.

First I would like to show you the ones I created last.
White Hearts with white flowers or with pastel pink flowers.

četrtek, 05. april 2018

New shapes for traditional Christmas ornaments

Easter season is at the end.
And now it's time for realization of few ideas for next Christmas season.

I added 2 new shapes for traditional red and white snowflake embroidered ornaments.

Here are Wool Felt Christmas Bells.

sreda, 28. marec 2018

Easter 2018 Colorful Felt Eggs

Easter time is finally here.
I'm finalising the last order. It's been a great season. Again :)

A had a bit of a challenge to create felt eggs that will be appropriate for gift giving to male and female.

I created "stitch only" colorful wool felt Easter decorations.

sreda, 07. marec 2018

Personalized Easter Ornaments

I divided today post in to parts. And this is a second one.
So, don't miss the first one here

This post is about Larger Extra Special Personalized ornaments.

Last year and this year I created a Valentines collection of Floral ornaments.
And little flowers are also a part of my "premium" egg ornaments.

Easter 2018 in Lilac

Hi from me after a long time.
I've been busy, actually very busy with Easter orders.

This year is a violet-lilac-purple trend.
And I prepared 3 variations of mostly floral Easter Eggs.

 First set is combination of lavender and ivory

četrtek, 04. januar 2018

Srečno 2018

Z nekoliko zamude bi rada zeželela vsem, ki me spremljate eno

Takole so zgledale naše letošnje novoletne voščilnice.
Mami je vrtela sizzix. Fanta sta pa vsak po svoje ustvarjala.
In na koncu tudi napisala voščilnice.
Ja, takole se pa da delat ;)

Nejc se je lotil Sizzixovih smrečic s svetlečimi dodatki.

torek, 12. december 2017

Christmas 2017 - Unicorns

Magical creatures ... and so popular with young girls.

And here is my version of Magical Unicorn Christmas Ornaments.
With a little silver dust... in shape of small embroidered stars.